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Monday, November 1

Better Days

Well, thank God last week is over! Whew! Didn't know if I was gonna make it through all that, but with the love and support of God, my family and friends, I persevere.

I'm spending a lot of time researching alternative medicine, nutrition, veganism, juicing, detoxing, etc. and also spending a lot of time at the store combing the aisles for organic items, pondering the flavors and uses of strange produce, looking at supplements, and examining the labels of just about everything in the store. I've come to the conclusion that people will buy ANYTHING if it's packaged prettily, has ponies or Hannah Montana on it, or is covered in cheese or chocolate. Me included. Jeez. This is what I was buying for my grandbaby when she'd come down to visit: She loves these!
Really. What the fuck IS all that stuff?  Or foods labeled "All Natural!", "100% Juice", "No Trans-fats" - well, while those items may actually have those qualities, they are usually loaded with tons of other shit I don't need. "Enriched", "Fortified", "Emulsified", "Pasteurized, processed cheese food". HUH?

I've been "eating the rainbow" for the past 3 weeks. Hopefully, this will also fix my cholesterol levels, which , right before I started, were a whopping 347 for total cholesterol,  Triglycerides at 507 (should be under 150), and HDL (the good kind) at 43. It should be over 45. I know, right? "Pasteurized, processed cheese food", my ASS! Here's what my sideboard looks like daily now:
Every single thing that goes into my mouth now has some sort of cancer-fighting properties. Super-Foods, indeed! I found a really cool vegan restaurant/ tea and herb shop called Chakra 4 Herb & Tea House in Phoenix- not far from where I live. The food was fun, colorful and tasty. The tea shop has hundreds of teas, spices and herbs and bona-fide herbalists to mix it up for you. I'm exploring Essiac Tea, along with other interesting concoctions.

I got my juicer! My friend Shannon Rose  put out the call and people responded. By the generous donations of our friends, she was able to send me the mother of all juicers; The Kempo Green Power Juicer. Many thanks to my benefactors! I love you guys. The Boyo and I have been having fun with it.
Smarty Pants

That's right. We bad. Uh huh.

Kale, carrot, tomato, apple juice.
I know- gonna take some getting used to!

And I actually got my mom to try some today.
 She didn't die. Yay, Mom!


  1. Yay Mom is right! And YAYAYAYAYYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY for you! I'm not sure if I should stand up and cheer or threaten people until they bring back MY Teeta! LOL I'm so tickled for you! I love you so much! xoxox,shanny

  2. yayayyayayayay! i'm so happy for you! that juicing is some powerful bidness!

  3. Hysterical..and I want a chocolate cheese-covered pony too.

  4. Yayyyyyy mom, sissy and nephew, although I know he didnt try it, lol. So very proud of you my sissy and the stuff you make is fantabulous. Should make a habit of it myself?!?! I love you.

  5. I went to the vitamine shop in town and bought whole flax seeds. I then bought a small coffee grinder at Wal Mart for about $15 and I grind one teaspoon of flax seed each day. I put it over/on foods so that way I help my cholesterol as mine was high too. That is what my naturalpathic told me to use.

  6. Whatever makes you happy sweetie! What else do you need, i want to help if i can! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!


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