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Thursday, November 18

Wake me when it's over, please

After running around with my mom all day, this evening I went to TWC for a seminar called Sleep and Dream Health in Cancer Care. I am desperate to sleep so I thought I might learn something about insomnia, sleepwalking, sleepEATING (apparently), nightmares, and all those other sleep disorders I suffer from. I've been waiting all week for this class.

I get there. There are a lot of people there. I sign in. I sit down. The dude starts talking and showing slides. I don't know if it was the old back-in-school atmosphere- with the low lights and the clicking of the slides, but about 10 minutes into it my eyes were crossing and my chin kept slamming down onto my chest. I think I even snored. 

I thought "ohhhh shit. I have to go before I fall on the floor". I gathered my things,and headed out the door. The lecturer calls me out and says "Am I boring you?" I said "No! I've been waiting for this all week! I just can't stay awake long enough to hear it, but if you've got a couch nearby where I can sack out, I'll gladly stay". Some trooper I am, huh?

I came home and made some soothing chamomile and lavender tea. Now here I am on the fucking computer because I'm wide awake. I can't win.

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  1. oh nooo - I was hoping for some tips on SLEEPING too.Can't he just send you a powerpoint or something? ;)


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