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Monday, November 22

What the hell?

Who would believe that something the size of a raisin could fell an Amazon Girl like me?

I woke up in excruciating pain at about 2am this morning. It felt like a very large hand got ahold of my kidney and was squeezing it like a sponge. I waited a bit to see if it would go away, but 5 minutes later I was waking my mom up to take me to the hospital.

Once at the hospital it was determined that I had a rogue kidney stone trying to make it's escape. Remember how at the very beginning of my cancer journey it all started with kidney stones? The very ones that nobody ever mentioned again after discovering the pelvic masses during the CT scan. Well, hallelujah, my kidney stones are finally on the front page again.

I'm still at the hospital. I've spent all day trying to pass the fucker. I'm sloshing with morphine, toradol, flomax, IV fluids and water, and I'm gonna get some flexeril soon for my aching shoulder muscles (from being hunched in pain for hours). The urologist said if I don't pass it by morning they will perform a ureteroscopy where they stick a scope up where one ain't never been stuck before that goes all the way up the ureters, where they will blast the little bastard with a laser. Who knew they did such things? Apparently I missed the lithotripsy wagon, which is only here every two weeks. Lithotripsy is where they use ultrasonic waves (on the OUTSIDE of your body) to pulverize kidney stones into dust, making it easy to pass them. Just my luck they were here YESTERDAY. Fuck. Are they like gypsies, I wonder? The lithotripsy team? Just passing through town putting that magic wand on sufferers of ureterolithiasis? Why wasn't I notified? 

Ah, Miguel is here again. Beloved, devoted Miguel, my nurse for the day. He is very generous with the pain meds, my Miguel. Will let y'all know how the stealth scope goes tomorrow.


  1. It's one fucking thing after another isn't it. Good luck with the stupid kidney stone. And damn, you missed lithotripsy by one day.

    I too have other issues that are taking a backseat to the cancer. I have gallstones and a hernia (through which my bowel has slipped). I'd like them fixed, but it's not the priority.

    Thank God for Miguel and good luck on passing that stone. I have a feeling by the time they're ready to put the scope up where it's never been before, you'll just want the relief it brings.

    Good luck and lots of hugs.

  2. Bless your heart warrior woman...fuckin kidney stone, what's next? I DEMAND that your body leave you alone! I love you sissi, still holdin' your hand...

  3. Thank you. Elvis (my raisin) has left the building, but he was not alone- I think he left his crew there. Hopefully they will stay small and dormant. I couldn't stand it if they decide to march on down my ureters, one by one by one....


  4. WWWWWTTTTTFFFFFF!!! STUPID STONES!!!! Yes, i have the utmost faith that the drugs will make the little bastards small enough to march out on their own!!!! NO SURGERY FOR U ON TURKEY DAY, THAT'S JUST WRONG!!!!****MMMMMMMUUUAAAHHHH****LOVE U BABY!!!

  5. I hope you are feeling much better today.......good golly. Hang in there!

  6. I've never had a kidney stone, but I hear they are EXTREMELY painful. Hopefully yours will be making it's exit SOON*! (((HUGS))) _Ashley


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