This is my own story of life with advanced ovarian cancer. I do not offer medical advice, and my treatment decisions are my own. Please talk to your physician or healer and gain as much information as you can about this dreadful disease called cancer. Remember, knowledge is Power!

About Me

I am not a writer. I just write shit down. This is my story in my own words. I don't talk about sex, religion, politics, my relationships, or work. This is a fucking FAMILY blog! (for adults, anyway-and I have other blogs for that stuff). If my words, thoughts, story or anything else here offends you, then I recommend you click onto the next blog and don't come back. But if you like it here and think you know someone who might benefit from (or get a kick out of) my story, then by all means, send 'em over. Here's more, since you asked:
I'm Irish.

I'm an Aries.

I'm an Amazon.

Sometimes funny.

Always goofy.

Mostly fearless.

I am strong.

I'm 49.

I'm a Mom. I'm a Grandma! 

I live in the desert.

Kids and dogs love me.

I love beer.

And chocolate.

Sometimes I have cancer.

Sometimes I don't.