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Saturday, October 9

What's that game called?

You know- the one where you tell one person something, then they tell another person, who tells another, who tells another, and so on...

My brother called me today and said "I heard it through the grapevine, and now I just want to hear it from you. Do you have a banana in your colon?" Of course I screeched for my mom (because she tends to mix things up a little sometimes, and my new tumor IS kinda banana-shaped) and asked her "DID YOU TELL FRANK I HAD A BANANA IN MY COLON???"

With a totally straight face she said "Is that like a tater in your tailpipe?" God, I love my family.


  1. I bet it sucked explaining how THAT got in THERE when you went to the ER huh! Don't worry, dollface. I hear they get these "stories" all the time. BWAAAAAAHAHAHA!

  2. (sniff!) I do NOT explain myself.



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