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Monday, February 28

Loaded For Bear

Methadone 10 mg- (liquid for oral or PEG tube)  0.7mg 3 times per day
Dilaudid 10 mg- (liquid for oral or PEG tube)  0.8mg, up to every 3 hours as needed
Mediclophan (nausea gel) apply topically 4 times a day
Lidocaine patch- 12 hours on, 12 hours off
Colace 2 tabs twice a day
Ditropan 1 tab twice a day
Warfarin 1 tab once a day
Celexa 1 tab once a day
Albuterol treatment by nebulizer- as needed 2-4 times per day
Xanax 10mg as needed for anxiety
Ambien 10mg as needed for sleep
My schedule is still a little wobbly, but it's all getting in there. If I didn't keep track of it, no one could.


  1. cripes! what a palaver! shame they can't give you one big fat tablet that'd do the lot...but so happy to see you back in Blogland :)

    I hope the anxiety goes away and the sleep comes back soon...

  2. haha I wish! sometimes I have to take a Xanax after albuterol treatments with the nebulizer- it gets me that shaky and wobbly.

    we're still trying to get everything regulated. I'm pretty loopy, more so late in the day. I have bladder problems at night, and the colostomy is a whole nother issue. I have to sleep on my back, propped up. woe.

    Still 'transitioning', I guess, but getting through it. I'm surrounded by love and a very competent hospice team.


  3. Hi Pateeta,

    I pray tonight you have a beautiful sleep. Blessings to you. You shine like a rainbow!

  4. Wow. Dems a lot o drugs. I think it's good you keep track. I was never very good at it. But I am still going to have to get to Betty Ford asap.
    Hope you are feeling okay, better, good. Thinking of you lots.

  5. Wow - you even have it color coded. Hope the schedule works out well for you.

  6. That is an insane amount of drugs, but the page looks sooo pretty with all the beautiful colors :)
    Thinking of you! Hugs!


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