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Wednesday, January 19

A Little Time

Hi guys-
It's gonna take me a little time to pull my thoughts together to be able to update all that's happened in these last crazy couple of weeks. But the quickie update now is that I'm home from the hospice facility. And driving my mom crazy for not letting her "do" everything for me. Sorry, Mom! Love you!

And all of you- thanks for sticking my me.


  1. Leave Mum alone - let her do everything she wants and take a rest. You'll both feel better that way ;)

  2. Awww... Sounds like you have a great mom :)
    You are in my thoughts! Please keep us updated!

  3. So happy you are home.....let mom help! Rest for cryin out loud....:-)

    I hope things tame down now.....Be Well....

  4. I'm with you too! I had the most amazing home health care nurse that I miss and love like crazy and then switching over to hospice care was kind of trippy. Hope you are able to manage your pain better and stay on top of it. I'm here if you have any questions or concerns or need some help researching some of the drugs they may consider putting you on. I have the Medtronic Pain pump which is great for cancer and surgical scar pain.

  5. welcome home. take it easy on yourself! moms need to do this stuff, mine included. think how much you are relieved that it's you that's sick and not one of your kids, and then try to appreciate how she feels. that's the only way that works for me.


  6. Take care of yourself. Stubborness is great, but don't overdo it. I'm all about it, but Miss Pot, Miss Kettle thinks giving up a little with get you a lot better. Happy to hear you're home. Little bits of good news are big things for me. :-)

    Love love love!


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