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Wednesday, March 24

Tomorrow's my birthday

Last year on my 48th birthday I met my oncologist for the first time. The day after that, he was removing parts from my body. The day after that, he told me I had advanced metastatic serous papillary carcinoma, or Stage III-C, Grade 3 Ovarian Cancer that had spread to my omentum, spleen, and some lymph nodes. I had not had any symptoms before this.

This past year has been full of shocks, decisions, uncertainty, debilitating pain, fear, needles, needles, needles, chemo, side effects, facing mortality, recurrence, more chemo. But it's also been full of deep reflection, spiritual growth, and unwavering love and support from those who know me, and also from some who didn't know me at all. I've met so many good, kind, caring, generous and loving people during this adventure.

I've already been through the worst. Turning 49 should be a breeze.


  1. Here's hoping 49 is much kinder and gentler to you than 48 was! I wish I could be there to celebrate your birthday but know I love you tons!

  2. how am i JUST finding this?

    loving you!


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