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Monday, March 15

Suck it up, Buttercup

Okay, so I guess I'm not dying right away. Good thing, cuz I'm not ready yet. Pity party over.

CT results are "looking good" mid-chemo, meaning that no new stuff is showing up, and some old stuff isn't there any more. SAA-WEEET!!! Got started back up with chemo today (Topotecan and Avastin). I'll do another 3 months with that, but I gotta admit it was really nice being off for these past few weeks. I was almost back to humanoid.

As soon as the chemo kicks in I'll be back in the bubble, (not the same as chemo-brain) but that's okay- I know that place, and it only lasts a few days at a time. It's the rabbit hole I'm afraid of. My oncologist tells me that there are a lot of good things happening with Avastin. I hope so.

Thanks to my peeps for keeping me going. You know who you are.
Big love,


  1. I am here if you want to vent..

  2. Chemo... in short it sucks.. but I am sure you know that.... Being mad... works! makes you stronger to fight...

  3. I'll take "some better" and "no new shit" any day! Keep lookin up sistah, it's you n me and we gotta do this! Plus, with everyone assuming we're super hero's n all, we can't let 'em down ;p
    Keepin' at it right by your side.


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