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Friday, September 17

Ditched On The Dance Floor

Yep. That NED, the fickle bastard, has dumped me AGAIN!! Without so much as a goodbye, au revoir, or a kiss my ass. I mean, sure. I like to dance by myself, but COME ON, NED! I was just getting my rhythm back! Shit.

New onc is booking me for a PET scan asap. He said I may be a candidate for surgery if everything is in one piece, but if it's all scattered around then I'm looking at more chemo. Huh. We'll see about that. He said the words "sigmoid" and "colon" a lot. Shit, and double shit.

Goodbye NED.


*NED= No Evidence of Disease


  1. Thinking of you Pateeta ... damn it that cancer!

  2. Thanks, Daria. It's been a crazy month, hasn't it? Keeping you in my prayers, too!

  3. Pet Scan... hmmm well I hope it works out that they can operate..

  4. I seriously thought Ned was your new partner.

  5. Fuck NED, he'll be back soon !!!! Love you and miss you, and would love to hold your hand through it all...... I am with you in spirit, and in my heart, be strong
    "My Warrior Queen"

  6. Damn that NED. Praying for you. Keep living and dance like no one is watching.

  7. I love you sissy and am here with you all the way. Lets go have oyster's :)


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