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Monday, June 14

Oh, Emergency Room, how I've missed you


This month sucks. It's the in-between-chemo and PET scan-waiting-waiting-waiting month. My stress and anxiety levels are high. I'm on too many medications. My jaw where I had the 2 molars pulled just aches and throbs, even 10 days later.

Saturday I woke up, got ready to go to The Wellness Community for my ovarian cancer support group, and popped my handful of meds to start my day. It felt like they didn't go down all the way, like they were stuck in my throat. I kept drinking water but the feeling persisted. I made it to my meeting and a wonderful time with my group. Then I went to my mom's house and hung out for awhile. My chest still felt tight but I was thinking it was just stress and I'd take a xanax after I got home. I did that, and it seemed to improve slightly (the chest tightness), but it was still there. There was nothing else going on with it, like arm or jaw pain so I tried to ignore it. (last year, I had an actual heart attack that started out/felt the same way, like something was stuck in my throat)

The feeling persisted the rest of the day (with several hot flashes thrown in for fun), sometimes worse, sometimes better. It wasn't "acting" like a heart attack, so I held out until I got really freaked out about it. I went to the ER at 9 pm for a cardiac /pulmonary embolism workup: triage, EKG, labs, chest X-ray, chest CT. Tests were negative for heart attack and blood clots. I got a shot of morphine and was sent home at midnight.

Today, the feeling still persists, like there is a . . . . ball of something, or an obstruction in my esophagus/ bronchial tubes. I feel pressure when I take a deep breath. I'm going to give my oncologist a call and then check out a GI doc. I'm hoping it's just STRESS, but will see if I can get it scoped. They don't do that in the ER. I did get a new supply of Eme-bags though.
Wish me luck.

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