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Wednesday, June 30

Just a quickie....

...before I hop on a plane and get outa Dodge-

Saw the onc. PET scan is "good", meaning that some of the lung nodules are smaller, and others are gone. That thing in my throat lit up, and I'm going to get a barium swallow test that the GI doc is ordering. Hopefully, it's just an infection. It makes perfect sense- I have a staph infection in my sinuses, and since chemo did a number on my mouth and GI tract, why wouldn't it affect my esophagus? Right? I'm holding onto that. Still having trouble swallowing, but I'll live.

So- as far as active cancer- the doc says he doesn't see anything new and that he'd only give me more chemo if I begged him to. THAT. WILL. BE. THE. DAY.

Will write more when I'm able- am off to the Midwest on a Magical Mystery Tour. Thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers. I love you all!

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  1. Have a fantastic time doing whatever you're doing.


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