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Wednesday, April 28

Bitchy McBitcherson

I'm at that point in chemo (1 more month to go, 3 more blasts) where the cumulative effects are kickin my ass. It's a beautiful day outside and I want to be lounging by the pool with an ice cold beer. But I have to stay out of the sun, and I feel too pukey for a beer. Woe is me. :( I got the Neulasta shot with my chemo on Monday and feel like I've been hit by a truck. Percocet is not my friend today. Got the itch-fest going on with that, and the hot flashes are way out of control. Did I say woe is me?

Yeah, I'm whining, I know. But it's better to get it out here than let loose on some asshole who desperately deserves it (or not). Today is not a good day to fuck with me. I am in a mood. And I feel like shit.



  1. You earned the right to whine... so whine away... I was in your shoes and it sucked..get the doctor to pump you up with some clear fluids via the IV .. that use to bring me back just a little... I use to use one of the headbands that I tied on my bald head and soak it with ice and cold water and wrap it around my neck that way it was handy when the flash hit..hang in there... I use to think because I felt so shitty that the chemo was working and I was right it did...

  2. Thanks for the comment! I was also one who thought the chemo was working my first time around. It just didn't work well enough, cuz here I am doing it again.

    I'm glad your treatment worked and you are living life again. I'm working on it!


  3. bitch away darlin... but I tell ya, I have had one of those days as well and ready to let loose.
    Neulasta sucks the big one, I think every cancer doc that says it's no big deal should get a few of those beauties.

    some good things.. you prob have more hair then me! and you have enough energy to be pissed off.
    love you, deb


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