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Sunday, April 11

Anticipatory Nausea

There's really nothin' or nobody that can fuck with your head like your own head. Even when you know what's up and why you feel that way.

Since I started this second round of chemo, every time I go causes me much anxiety and nausea. None of my anti-nausea meds help with this. Xanax isn't helping much either, especially because I drive myself to and from chemo since it's only a short infusion.

My sister is in the hospital right now for diverticulitis. The hospital is right across the street from my Onc office where I get my chemo. It turns out that I don't even have to be going to chemo- just the drive up there gets me all worked up, and I've been up there a lot this past week.

I talked to my chemo nurse on Friday. She said to expect to have more chemo on Monday because the onc said I could/should, Avastin or not.

Anticipatory nausea, indeed. Makes me want to barf just thinking about it.


  1. I know that feeling all to well.... I am sorry you have to go through it..

  2. Yuck! I hate that. Give my best to your sis, hope shes better soon too. YOU, I always hope is better. I love you. Don't puke on me. And don't breathe on me either! Your breath smells like puke! lol

  3. Shanny, you just killed me dead. I said I FEEL like barfing- I've never actually barfed from chemo. I don't know which is worse.

  4. Well i know you're burping the barf so stay on your own side of the car!

  5. I think it'd be better to barf and get it over with that just to feel like barfing. And the opportunity to barf on someone (in the car) makes barfing that much more worthwhile.

    When my husband was going to chemo, he had similar issues. He got to the point where he had to stop smoking pot because it reminded him of feeling sick. And he was a lifelong pot smoker (for the fun of it.)

    I don't know how I'd be in the same situation as you. With anticipatory nausea... thinking about it makes me want to kack too.


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